Please send your invitational information to:  wpgacontact@gmail.com

June 3, Friday              Heritage Shores Invitational    FULL EVENT  no additional entries accepted. 

June 16, Thursday      The Chester River Challenge & Beach Party   ENTRY FORM

June 22, Wed.             Pepsi invitational at Green Hill  ENTRY FORM

July 11,  Monday         Hog Neck Invitational    ENTRY FORM

July 19, Tuesday          Wild Quail Invitational   ENTRY FORM

Aug. 11, Thursday       Nutters crossing "fun day"

Aug. 23, Tuesday         Eastern Shore Invitational

Sept. 28, Wed.            Prospect Bay Invitational

Oct. 6, Thursday          Kings Creek Invitational

Note:   No invitational will be posted that conflicts with a WPGA event.