Please send your invitational information to:  wpgacontact@gmail.com

June 4,  Friday             Heritage Shores  (Practice round June 3)   ENTRY FORM


July 12,  Monday         Hog Neck Invitational   ENTRY FORM  Tournament is full 

July 20,  Tuesday         Wild Quail   ENTRY FORM


July 22,  Thursday        Ocean City - Newport   CANCELLED 

August 24, Tuesday      Eastern Shore Yacht and CC   ENTRY FORM


September 27,  Monday  River Marsh   ENTRY FORM

September 28, Tuesday - Kings Creek 9 hole invitational   ENTRY FORM

September 29, Wednesday   Prospect Bay - Lighthouse Invitational  ENTRY FORM

October 7, Thursday   Kings Creek  ENTRY FORM

Note:   No invitational will be posted that conflicts with a WPGA event.